MedXM is challenging RISE Nashville Summit presenters to deliver new ideas and move the industry forward by hosting the Conference Cliche Contest.

MedXM has chosen 10 cliche phrases we hear more often than we should at industry conferences.

If you hear any of the following phrases expressed by an exhibitor during a presentation, please come to the MedXM Booth (#13) to share the cliche phrase, the presenter’s name, and the presentation title to win $100 for yourself, and $100 for Save the Children charity.

10 Cliches We Hear More Than We Should at Industry Conferences

Low Hanging Fruit

800 Pound Gorilla in the Room

Leave Money on the Table

Thinking Outside the Box

Drinking the Kool-Aid

Next Generation

It is what it is

Forward Thinking

Drop the Ball

Perfect Storm


Use and follow the hashtag #MedXMCCC and tweet at us (@MedXM1) during the event to follow the contest and keep us updated.

Conference Cliche Contest Rules & Regulations

One winner per targeted cliche

Exhibitors and consultants are not eligible

One win per person